Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Big C

Last few weeks, I made Semi-Finalist at the Page Int'l Screenwriting Competition, met with an agent, made Official Selection at our Tenth Film Festival, my wife got cancer --

* Life SCREECHES to a Halt *

Yes, my wife Alexis has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Mucinous Colloid Carcinoma, to be exact. As cancers go, this one is very slow-growing, treatable, and rare... so rare, in fact, that Alexis refers to it sometimes as Hipster Breast Cancer since you've probably never heard of it.

The surgery is scheduled for September 6th. For more details, visit Alexis' blog.

Every day, I continue to be amazed by Alexis. She goes to work just like everyone else, only she refuses to mope about her situation and always looks on the funny side of life.

For example, she sometimes sees cancer as a sort of superpower or ultimate trump card:
Alexis: "Nate, can you wash the dishes?"

Me: "Can it wait? I'm kind of in the middle of --"

Alexis: "Oh, oo, my cancer's acting up... I'd feel a lot better if someone else did the dishes... oh, it hurts... "

Me: * sigh * "Yes, I'll do the dishes."
When faced with cancer, I have no choice but to put a hold on my emerging-filmmaker-frenzy, sit back, and reflect on what really matters in life.

The answer: Family. Friends. Loved ones.

After all, why make movies if you have no one to share them with?

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