Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Film Fest Success!

What a delightful screening! What a great festival experience!

Another Life screened last week at the Newport Beach Film Festival and I felt downright pampered by the programmers and volunteers there!

A two-story Hospitality Suite. Parties every night with free drinks and gourmet food. Free movies all week long. Smiling faces and thank yous and handshakes everywhere I went.

Does life get any better? It did at our screening.

I spent many months working hard with the cast and crew on Another Life, all bent on delivering a satisfying 17-minute theater-going experience... and it was all worth it to sit in a packed house and hear complete strangers jump in their seats and shout "Oh my GAWD!" and then give me a hug after the Q&A.

I left the fest with a stack of business cards from some very talented writers, directors, producers, and other filmmakers... and even from some reporters who will be publishing articles on Another Life in the near future!

The icing on the cake? My amazing producer set me up with a short film distributor who is in the process of inking up deal to mass distribute Another Life on DVD!

Stay tuned for more good news to come soon!