Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Two Weeks Till Showtime!

You heard it folks! In just two short weeks, Another Life will be screening at the Newport Beach Film Festival!

After a whirlwind of success at a few other film fests, Newport Beach Film Festival is perhaps the biggest festival we've been to yet -- with some of the coolest films and biggest parties this side of Sundance! And it's only 1 hour away from L.A.!

So we're going to need all the support we can get. But what can little old you do to help?

Please share this one, tiny link: http://newportbeach.slated.com/2011/films/anotherlife_nathanruegger_newportbeach2011

That link contains everything you need to know about Another Life -- the film's synopsis, trailers, picture, screening time, ticket info, etc. -- in one easy accessible and fun web page.

You can also read more about other spine-tingling shorts that will be screening along with Another Life on Tuesday, May 3rd @8:30PM!

Pass the word along,
Encourage your friends to come out and support,
And see you then!

P.S. We won the Gold for Best Original Dramatic Short at the Houston Int'l Film Festival!!

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