Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Thank You For Talking Through the Movie

Last week, Another Life made it's East Coast Premiere at the DC Independent Film Festival... and it was a smashing success!

After much facebook posting, postcard hocking, and nail biting over the past month, the glorious night finally came ‐‐ and it was all thanks to a select few:
  • Thank you cast and crew for making Another Life such a crowd pleaser.
  • Thank you Carol Bidault and Kelly Williams for being such tireless and passionate programmers who championed our little film and lead a very fun Q&A.
  • Thank you to DC area friends (Suzanne, Nick, Kate, Adam, Peter, Jon, Brad, Cat) who came out to support the film and encouraged friends to join us.
  • Thank you to the intimate audience who all told me how much they loved the film.
  • Thank you to the moviegoer who said to me, "I can't wait to see the sequel!"
  • But most of all, my undying gratitude goes to the lady in the front row of our tiny theater who just would not shut the hell up.
I'm serious about that last one.

You see, when a filmmaker watches their comedy with a live audience, they get to enjoy the instant satisfaction in knowing whether or not their film is working every time the audience laughs... or doesn't laugh.

But with a thriller like Another Life, there's usually dead silence for the whole screening followed by obligatory applause... so you never know if the audience is actually enjoying it.

But not this time.

With every twist in Another Life's plot, this lady in the front row let out a loud "HMMMMMM" that reverberated throughout the theater. With every poignant character moment, this lady ooohed and aaaawed for all to hear.

Then, when the climactic conclusion of the film finally came, she broke the suspenseful silence with a booming "Oh... MY... GAWD!"

That right there, ladies and gentleman, was worth the price of the plane tickets out to D.C.

In fact, working on this film through all the trials and tribulations for months and months and months, all to lead up to getting a genuine, immediate, and emotional response like that loud lady in the front row... well, that's what making movies is all about.

P.S. The big Writing Assignment for the established producer is done for now and being sent out to major production companies all over town. Some of the most powerful people in Hollywood are now reading my writing!

P.P.S. Speaking of which, some of my writing got me a few meetings with managers...

P.P.P.S. Still waiting on the official email, but I may have some more good festival news! Stay tuned!

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