Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bests of Fests

While I'm still waiting to hear back from the DC Independent Film Festival on all the details, I thought I'd share with you some of the best short films on the festival circuit:

Sudden Death! just won the Official Best of Fest Award with over 30 official selections and awards! This film is set in a city overtaken by a virus known as Sudden Death Syndrome, a disease that causes its victims to die suddenly and has only one symptom... spontaneously breaking into well-choreographed song and dance. Check out the trailer here!

11 Weeks was just accepted at the Cleveland International Film Festival! This touching film tells a gripping tale of love and redemption set amidst violent clashes between Hindus and Muslims in the troubled region of Kashmir, India. Check out the trailer here!

Kiddo just won Best Student Film at the California Independent Film Festival! This film is about a meek young man who helps his friend rob a diner -- and must come to terms with the newfound power at the end of his gun. Check out the teaser here!

Penny and Charlie was just accepted to the Los Angeles Women's International Film Festival! This film is about an eight-year-old girl struggling to cope with her mother’s impending death from a chronic illness. Check out the trailer here!

The Curious Case of Cordelia Botkin
was also accepted to Los Angeles Women's International Film Festival and DCIFF too! This film is a tragic tale of love, chocolate, and murder most foul. Check out the trailer here!

Potter's Field was also accepted to DCIFF! This film is a dark comedy about a teenager who just can't get rid of his brother. Check out the latest here!

This week, I'll be editing a hot new viral video. Stay tuned and I'll post the link soon!

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  1. Thanks for the shout out Nate! I think we are gonna have a blast in DC!