Monday, November 1, 2010

What Is This "Sleep" You Speak Of?

This past week, I have:
    • clocked in a 40 hour work week
    • packaged a few projects
    • wrote a few treatments
    • read a pile of scripts
    • worked on my own writing
    • submitted to more film festivals
    • went out to drinks with cool writers
    • got sick for two days...
    • Recovered!
    • AND got my Halloweekend on, costumed as Dexter Morgan
    And today my boss returns from his film shoot, and I aim to start the day by wowing him with my progress report... and this week I have my final notes meeting on My First Writing Assignment before I am unleashed into the wild world of rewrites!

    Highlight of the Week
    : After a hard day at work, a coworker asked to borrow a copy of Another Life. The following day, she came in telling me she really liked it and she was enamored by the story, the performances, and the sound design. And she meant it.

    Oh yeah, and she just so happens to work with a really snazzy film festival...

    Wish me luck! More next week!

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