Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Black Friday Discount

High Point of the Week: seeing Phantom of the Opera on Broadway and then spending Thanksgiving with family, new friends, football, and scrumptious food.

Low Point of the Week: returning home to find out I no longer have a paying job.

Oh, I still have a job. But as we're currently developing new models for attracting investments and a steady revenue stream, my position is no longer sustainable. So for now, I'll be working pro-bono on a credit-only, part-time basis... meaning I have no income.

And with that psychic blow, I'm back on the market for more work. What to do?

Network. After all, I got my current job by meeting old friends at a birthday party.

So I looked over my connections and now I'm going to 8+ networking events this month, on top of working a part-time job and writing a full-length feature assignment before Christmas.

The silver lining to this cloud? I have to write and party like it's my job... until I get paid for it.

That sounds like a challenge, Hollywood. I accept.

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  1. What sort of work are you looking for, and where? While I don't know anyone in Hollywood specifically, I'm also looking for work and doing the networking thing. I'm down in Oceanside.