Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Black Friday Discount

High Point of the Week: seeing Phantom of the Opera on Broadway and then spending Thanksgiving with family, new friends, football, and scrumptious food.

Low Point of the Week: returning home to find out I no longer have a paying job.

Oh, I still have a job. But as we're currently developing new models for attracting investments and a steady revenue stream, my position is no longer sustainable. So for now, I'll be working pro-bono on a credit-only, part-time basis... meaning I have no income.

And with that psychic blow, I'm back on the market for more work. What to do?

Network. After all, I got my current job by meeting old friends at a birthday party.

So I looked over my connections and now I'm going to 8+ networking events this month, on top of working a part-time job and writing a full-length feature assignment before Christmas.

The silver lining to this cloud? I have to write and party like it's my job... until I get paid for it.

That sounds like a challenge, Hollywood. I accept.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Christmas Comes Early

This week, I finished the First Ten Pages of my Writing Assignment.

Some of you may ask, "Really? Just the first ten?" Well as many professionals have said, the first ten pages of a screenplay are the most important.

The first ten pages are the first and ONLY chance you get breaking in. Hell, the first three. And with this assignment, I have to deal with subtitles, flashbacks, AND voice over, perhaps the three biggest No-Nos for an unknown writer...

And dammit, these first ten pages will suck in the most bitter, skeptical reader in Hollywood.

Now that I've thoroughly outlined the entire script, mastered the first ten pages, and received the go-ahead from the producer, I'll be pumping out pages like a machine till Christmas.

Also, check out tomorrow's DVD Release for IN/SIGNIFICANT OTHERS:
A multi-narrative drama in the vein of Crash that navigates through the different lives in a small North Carolina town -- an Iraq War vet returned home to an emotionally disturbed wife, a new father living in the shadow of a successful brother, a sister caught up in a web of addiction, and an overly ambitious cameraman exploiting everyone's dirty secrets -- all of whom are connected to the same murder investigation. As the subtle manipulation of every relationship is exposed, the search for truth turns into a gritty struggle of a life and death.
This film was EASILY the best drama I've seen in my festival run. A must-see for any aspiring indie filmmaker. So check it out!

Available tomorrow at Amazon, Target, Netflix, and Blockbuster.

Low Point of the Week:
My boss showed a recent cut of a project to his Agent and bragged about the great work I did on it. My boss said, "Look out, Nate! He's going to poach you!" The agent then offered me his card -- then took it back, laughing at me. You know, he just offered to represent me and kick start my career -- as a joke.

High Point of the Week: Well it's really YOUR high point. Feeling in the Holiday Spirits, I will extend the following offer for the rest of 2010:

If you haven't seen Another Life yet, and you'd love to have you very own copy, then Christmas has come early for you. Just send me an e-mail at anotherlifefilm@gmail.com with your postal address and I will mail you a DVD or 2 as soon as my schedule allows.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

See you on Tuesdays from now on!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Bye, Bye Social Life

This past week, I have:
  • clocked in a 40 hour work week
  • guided research on several TV projects
  • chugged along on the Writing Assignment
  • submitted materials to the Big Easy International Film Festival
  • submitted to 3 more film festivals
  • went out to drinks with 4 cool filmmakers
  • did some Voice Over work for a TV pilot
  • went to see a Kabuki play, the "Ghost of Oyuki" -- so much fun!
Highlight #1 of the Week: My boss wants to shoot our next project before we close shop on December 3rd. So with Thanksgiving on its way, and an investors meeting coming even sooner, he asked me to package and lock up two more TV shows by the end of this week.

It's an awesome challenge and I'm very excited to take it on.

Highlight #2 of the Week: I finally got the greenlight for the Writing Assignment with a Christmas deadline or earlier (since most of Hollywood will be skiing by December 17th).

Then the script's producer mentioned:

"Oh yeah, I just got off the phone with one of the head lit agents at XXX [one of the Big Five agencies in L.A.] who wants to read it as soon as it's done."
So yeah... I'm going to forsake my social life until I finish this rewrite... because if the script's good enough, I just might get an agent for Christmas.

Monday, November 8, 2010

We got into the Big Easy Int'l Film Festival!

Another Life was officially selected for the Big Easy International Film Festival!

The most amazing story is how we got in. Here's the email I received:

I am the director of both the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Festival and the Big Easy International Film Festival... I had asked the programmers we have working on the
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Festival to keep an eye out for any soldier related short films as my programmers for the Big Easy International Film Festival needed another one to fill out a program. They suggested your short film.

We would like to screen it at this year's Big Easy International Film Festival (Dec. 10th - 16th) in New Orleans, if you are interested. I need to know fairly soon so we can get it in the press release.
I didn't even apply! Programmers at a different festival not only watched Another Life -- they not only liked Another Life -- they suggested Another Life so strongly to the Big Easy festival director that we made Official Selection!

I had to say yes, especially after I read all about them:
When hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast, it almost destroyed one of America's national treasures... the city of New Orleans. It was at that point when Laura Martone, seasoned film festival director, decided she wanted to do something to help bring the culture back to her home town.

The 4th Annual Big Easy International Film Festival seeks to bring the world of film to the amazing city of New Orleans. We are going to make this festival a massive party... utilizing places like the French Quarter, the Big Easy Film Festival will be a one-of-a-kind experience. Screening every type of film, from comedy to drama... from horror to documentary... from thriller to experimental!
We will be screening on Saturday, December 11th at 2:00 PM at The Theatres in Canal Place, a cutting-edge HD cinematic experience in the historic French Quarter district!

Sounds like tons of fun! Wish us luck!

Monday, November 1, 2010

What Is This "Sleep" You Speak Of?

This past week, I have:
    • clocked in a 40 hour work week
    • packaged a few projects
    • wrote a few treatments
    • read a pile of scripts
    • worked on my own writing
    • submitted to more film festivals
    • went out to drinks with cool writers
    • got sick for two days...
    • Recovered!
    • AND got my Halloweekend on, costumed as Dexter Morgan
    And today my boss returns from his film shoot, and I aim to start the day by wowing him with my progress report... and this week I have my final notes meeting on My First Writing Assignment before I am unleashed into the wild world of rewrites!

    Highlight of the Week
    : After a hard day at work, a coworker asked to borrow a copy of Another Life. The following day, she came in telling me she really liked it and she was enamored by the story, the performances, and the sound design. And she meant it.

    Oh yeah, and she just so happens to work with a really snazzy film festival...

    Wish me luck! More next week!