Monday, October 25, 2010

"So What's Next?"

After back-to-back festival news, from Temecula to Mountain Madness to the Accolade, we've got a long wait ahead of us -- the next I hear from a festival will be in December.

So what's next? Twiddling my thumbs till that next festival phone call?

Hardly. At work, we've been busting our butts for the past few weeks, prepping pitches for a few new projects to potential investors -- and we got an investor! And now my boss is out shooting one of our projects! Very exciting and very busy times.

So after all that hard work, do I go home and relax every night?

Hardly. Thanks to pure luck, good face, and maybe a little skill, I landed my first writing assignment.

I can't say much, as I've signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement and we all remember the second rule of Fight Club... What I can tell you, my dear readers, is that I've been asked to rewrite a feature that closely resembles my spec work in the crime thriller genre, so this assignment is a perfect fit for me. And I hope to have it done by the holidays!

So between festivals, work, and writing, that's all I have time for? Right?

Hardly. This past weekend, my wife and I entertained guests Friday, went to parties Saturday, and schmoozed at a networking event Sunday. To make it in Hollywood, you can't just lock yourself in a room and write... you need to get out there.

For example, I enjoyed a Little Victory thanks to meeting with an old friend. She told me about working at mega-agency CAA, and after catching up over coffee, I practically begged her to read my script... and she sent me the following:
I feel a bit at a loss because usually when people send me their stuff I have to restrict the amount of critical comments to give them, but really I have very little negative or critical to say about the script! I think it's very well written and definitely marketable. The beats are all in the right places, the characters are three-dimensional and engaging, and there's certainly room for a sequel, or even prequel. I really enjoyed the script, and I don't normally enjoy movies like this... Again, I really like the script, and I definitely think it's ready to be read and seen.
An e-mail worthy of framing, right? But here comes the hard part:

I've spent the last few years working very hard to get to this point where I have a short film in festivals, an executive assistant gig, a writing assignment, and this polished screenplay ready to be seen -- but if agents or producers do take notice, guess what they're gonna ask?

"So what's next?"

Hrm. Let me get back to you on that. Until next time, dear readers...


  1. Congratulations! May the victories keep coming.

  2. This is very awesome. I love reading updates on what's going on with you guys.