Monday, July 19, 2010

To Write, or Not to Write...

Not really much of a question, is it?

Answer: Write. Much better than not writing.

But the life of the young, emerging writer is more than just sitting at home alone, writing a damn good script. What’s the point of writing a script if no one will ever read it?

Alternate answer: Self-promotion. “Ya gotta get out there, kid!”

For example, this past week has been intense at my boutique production company. I can’t say much (Non-Disclosure Agreement, anyone?) but I’ve been working long hours setting up complicated film shoots with lots of paperwork and assisting my boss on set.

I’m forging some key relationships that will help me break into the business – and this week is just as packed with intense, hands-on Hollywood fun:
  • Tuesday, Film Independent is screening Another Life at the W Hotel in Hollywood, and I’m invited to speak on a panel afterwards!
  • Wednesday, big Hollywood hotshot meeting! Wish me luck!
  • Thursday, three-year anniversary with the wife (most important thing this week)
So I was going to prepare for all these events this weekend, but my Mom begged me to finally take away all of my old boxes of childhood paraphernalia and store them myself.

And as I’m going through these memory-packed totems, I find my little Idea Box, filled with all of my most cherished story ideas from when I was a kid.

Then I found this gem, apparently right after I saw Glengarry Glenn Ross:
Always be writing.
No matter how long you’re at work, no matter how you schmooze the party, no matter how hard you self-promote, none of that matters unless you’re still writing.

After all, what’s the point of getting yourself “out there” if you don’t have a polished script or three to show for it?

So this week, I’ll be working long hours, going to my screening, big meeting, and anniversary shindigs, and writing a damn good script. How, you might ask?

Sleep is for normies. Caffeine is for writers.

Sweet dreams, dear readers. More news next week!

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