Monday, July 26, 2010

The Blurst of Times

This past week, there were 3 intensely anticipated, potentially life-changing events:
  1. Another Life's first real world screening
  2. my Hollywood Hotshot meeting
  3. our 3-Year Anniversary of Marriage
It was neither the best of times, nor the worst of times.

It has been the blurst of times.

1): Another Life screened with Film Independent at the W Hotel... with mixed success.

We were the first short film in the line-up, and since we were in Hollywood, lots of people showed up late, looking for seats during the most emotional scenes in the movie. The audience was quiet throughout the screening with polite smatterings of applause afterward...

I thought it bombed -- but we played to a packed house. Almost everyone stayed for the Q&A. And fifteen or so people stuck around to shake my hand and congratulate me.

Always a good day when strangers shake your hand and tell you they loved your movie!

2): Then there was the big Hollwood hotshot meeting. Two hotshots actually.

I prepared myself in every way possible. I put on my best clothes and my lucky red shoes. I memorized the loglines and pitches to all of my scripts. I made lists of my favorite movies and TV shows. Then I let all of that go so I could just go with the flow of conversation.

It was like getting ready for a first date, hoping for a break instead of a kiss.

And I got it.

In 3-4 weeks, we'll meet again, and depending on how I respond to their notes on my script, they'll take a professional interest in turning me into a working Hollywood screenwriter.

3): Then I had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad anniversary.

It started out beautifully. My wife and I went to Porto's -- where we had bought our wedding cake -- and had an early, romantic breakfast. We reminisced and were downright obnoxious.

Then we both had work. She had overtime that night. I had to help out on a shoot.

On the way to the shoot, my boss called, and instinctively, I picked up the phone. A policeman pulled me over and gave me a ticket for cell phone use.

After the shoot, I came home to find several film festival rejections in my inbox.

I was so furious I turned off my phone -- only to find out via facebook chat that my wife had been calling me for the past 45 minutes to get a ride home.


But the next morning, I got up, had a lovely breakfast with my wife, sent Another Life out to another high-profile film festival, and went to work.

I have to stay focused that Another Life has screened well, and somewhere out there in Hollywood, there's two power players who believe in me. Also, my wife loves me :)

Take the bad with the good. After all, what's a writer without turmoil?

Now I got 3-4 weeks to prep one script for notes and finish another script as though my career depends on it. Because it does. Back into the coal mines...

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  1. hang in there, man.

    One door closes so that you move to the next door...a door opens and you go in that direction.

    All best wisehs on all of it