Monday, May 31, 2010

You Win Some...

Last week, I interviewed for a Writers' PA position on a hit TV show.

I spent the 24 hours before in intense preparation: predicting their questions, coming up with good soundbytes, reading up on juicy Hollywood gossip to schmooze about, picking out the perfect clothes, researching the show meticulously, etc.

The interview lasted 15 minutes. And I left feeling good.

I found out on Friday I didn't get the job... so I applied for five more similar positions and the waiting game begins again. C'est la vie.

But I've been hard at work on Another Life! I submitted the film to *15 more festivals.* That's a grand total of 27 Festivals I've already submitted to!

I also just finished a comprehensive "Film Festival Submission Plan" that outlines a Total of 100 Film Festivals that I'll be sending Another Life to -- with detailed research on their festivals' deadlines, entry policies, programs, etc.

That's right, 100 film festivals. Everything from Venice and Telluride to Topanga and Omaha -- all festivals that are best suited for Another Life. We're shooting for the stars!

But this week... there's one big, exciting, confidential meeting going down... more on that when I'm allowed to talk about it...

Keep your fingers crossed -- until then!

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