Monday, May 24, 2010

First Festivals Submission!

Today, I submitted Another Life to 11 film festivals across the world! I'll hear back as early as July from a few of them. Fingers crossed...

Where do you think I should apply to next? Become a fan on facebook and let me know by clicking on that link right over -- over there! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------->

Lately, a day in Another Life has been a day in The Adventures of the Unemployed Filmmaker. All kinds of really exciting things are happening like:
  • sending my resume to top TV Shows and Production Companies
  • waiting patiently by the computer for them to e-mail me...
  • doing dishes
  • tidying
  • neatening
  • deliberating on which bathrobe to wear today
  • writing
  • more writing
  • still more writing
  • or actually just watching lots of Netflix Instant
  • meeting friends for coffee and talking about how it's hard out here for an unemployed film school grad... and pimps. It is also hard out here for the pimps.
  • checking email for job application replies every two minutes.
  • checking facebook every three minutes.
Stay tuned for updates on getting into festivals, getting a Hollywood assistant job, getting an agent/manager, and getting the next hot script written. Until next time -- stay classy, internets!

And oh, yes, I chose the blue bathrobe today.

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