Sunday, February 7, 2010

Scoring, Strategies, & Trailer

This past week I met with our composer John, developed a marketing strategy with our producer Min, and worked on the trailer with our editor Beth.

What a good week.

My meeting with John couldn't have been simpler. He showed me two cues for Angela's "romantic" theme... and they were brilliant. Subtle but emotionally evocative. Just the right sound for the film too. We had a great discussion bouncing around ideas to tweak these cues to perfection and developed a decent plan of where to go from here: having her romantic theme darkly echoed in the final scene and developing a dark, rumbling electronic sound for her more suspenseful Doug-related scenes.

Oh yeah! And props to Chris (different from Lead Sound Designer Chris) for inviting me to join a big screening night. Chris and several other thesis film directors are banding together to organize a thesis film screening night in mid-May. We'll all be working together to find the perfect venue, advertise, promote, and invite agents, managers, and assistants to the screening.

I haven't seen Min since the film shoot in August, so it was wonderful to see an old friend again. She's doing very well for herself in Stanford business school and I'm very proud to have such an intelligent, well-put-together, and fun friend. We laid out the potential "Another Life" has after the final mix:
  • I'll meet with my film school's festivals office in May for a festivals strategy
  • I'll be at our school's First Pitch event in early May -- the best and brightest of our film school pitching our projects to up and coming agents and managers -- and I'll pitch not only my feature scripts, but plug my upcoming screening
  • I'll help promote and plan our thesis film screening in mid-May
  • We'll have a trailer up on the internets by March
  • Between now and May, I'll be putting together a press kit, posters, and DVD art designs
  • Most importantly -- have polished scripts ready to hand to agents at the screening!
And Beth, as usual, is amazing.

Last weekend, we discussed our trailer ideas. This past Wednesday, she made a rough cut of the trailer that was damn near perfect. I sent her notes, she's working on a new cut this morning, I'll be seeing it late Monday, and we'll meet up this week and probably finish it.

There's still much to be done, like coordinating Foley and ADR.

So stay tuned till next week, when we should finish Dialogue Editing, make progress on Backgrounds, and try to lock down our schedule!