Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sundance & Sound Design

What a crazy past few weeks...

Early last week, we pushed "Another Life" into the sound design phase after meeting our keys: Beth, our editor and post supervisor; Chris, our lead sound designer; Rebecca, our dialogue editor (first at work on sound); and John, our composer.

And the meetings all went well.

Rebecca and Chris both spotted the film with me and gave very good notes about the challenges ahead in ADR and Foley, the exciting opportunities of developing backgrounds, and the surmountable difficulties of dialogue editing. And some pretty great ideas with developing a new take on the film's soundscape!

John and I met and spotted the film. I discussed my initial impressions for the score and he came to the table with some brilliant ideas on developing two themes for Angela's two worlds.

After a few technical difficulties, Beth and Chris stepped in and made sure that John and Rebecca had all the right files to begin their work.

And, yes, I was at Sundance this past weekend.

I woke up early and stood in line for hours and hours to wait-list tickets for amazing films that will change the landscape of independent cinema. Films like Animal Kingdom, Abel, and Cyrus.

I took buses, waited in long lines, and struck up conversations with complete strangers, making budding connections connections with emerging filmmakers and passionate filmgoers.

I went to late night mixers and parties, rubbing elbows with actors, actresses, writers, producers, directors, and all kinds of exciting filmmakers until I ran out of business cards.


The whole time I was there, I generated buzz for "Another Life."

Stay tuned as next week, we review dialogue editing, build sound backgrounds, start making a trailer, and keeping the post-production schedule chugging along!

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