Monday, January 4, 2010


No better way to ring in the new year than with a Pic Lock...

Picture. Editing. Is. Finally. DONE.

Earlier today, my editor Beth and I watched the film for the first time since the winter holidays break. With fresh eyes to the 6th Cut and our last (very successful) test screening's notes, we watched the film, and... there was very little left to do.

Beth had a few edit points she wanted to massage just right, cutting/adding a few frames at a few moments that felt slightly off... and then those scenes felt ten times better, just because there was half a breath more after a provocative line of dialogue or a stronger connection between the actors' eyes.

I had one big note from the screening notes: a few audience members felt a little confused with the last flashback when Angela watches Tom die in her arms. They didn't understand what happened to the off-screen insurgents . Beth and I agreed and inserted a shot of Angela shooting down an off-screen insurgent before turning back to Tom bleeding out on the floor. Beth and I took some time picking just the right take, inserting it into the timeline, reconfiguring all the gunshot sound effects, massaging the edit points, getting the timing just right... and we nailed it.

Beth and I both had some tweak notes on sound design and then we had some business to cover to make a smooth transition from picture to sound: making the OMF file and a high-res quicktime with the TCR embedded into the screen with no sound as well as a discussion of credits. I'll be compiling the final list this week (minus the names to be added during the sound design process) and we'll find a credits artist and finish that work before Spring Break.

And after two hours of work, that was it. Final Cut Done.

This is the way the editing ends
Not with a bang, but with an AWESOME.

Next, sound design! And then, the world!

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