Friday, December 11, 2009

6th Cut Finished!

Wow. That was fast.

The other day, the film's editor, Beth, and I sat down to watch the pickups and edit the film one more time. We were done with everything in about 3 hours.

Why? Because we rock it like that.

First I watched the much dreaded pick-ups. But there was no dread. The pick-ups looked amazing, thanks to our amazing cast and crew. As usual, Beth cut them in a way I had not even anticipated while shooting -- and of course it was better than what I had imagined. We had a quick discussion about sound design for the scene, matching the cut to our ideas about the sound design, smoothed out the transitions between the other scenes, and presto! We had seamlessly integrated the pick-ups with the rest of the film!

Then we watched the film, scribbling our notes throughout... and we were kind of taken aback that we didn't have any major notes for the film. The only notes I had were tweaking sound design here and there. Beth had some notes make a polished fine cut on a few edit points. We incorporated our notes and called it a day.

Yesterday, Beth met with her mentor Norm. He suggested a few quick little tweaks to the pick-ups and a few scene transitions that streamline the film, and I agree with all of his notes.

And this weekend, we export the film and have our last test screening. BAM. This picture is soft-locked, baby!

I'm totally amazed at the sheer magnitude of progress this film has experienced from the past 6 cuts in 4 months. I am so deeply grateful to Beth for lifting this material to the next level and higher, making the film exponentially better than either of us could have dreamed of on our own. She has helped me grow as a director and a human being, all the while making "Another Life" into a riveting and powerful short film. Also, I owe an enormous debt of gratitude to everyone who lent us their eyes, ears, hearts, and minds in watching early cuts of the film and giving constructive feedback in shaping a rough cut into the polished gem it is today. So to the cast, crew, supporters, and fans of "Another Life," thank you. We could not have enjoyed this much success so early without you.

So that's it for 2009! See you after New Year's when we polish the final cut, hard-lock the picture for good, and move into sound design! Happy holidays!

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