Thursday, November 19, 2009

5th Cut Finished!

This morning, Beth and I watched the film, discussed a few things, tried a few things... and then we were done before lunch.

I love days like these.

After reviewing the cut, we found that the only problem areas were the transitions between the flashbacks and the present. We put in just a little more time after the flashbacks, resting longer with Angela's reaction in the present... and the rest just flowed. Also, we finessed some of the music and sound in key scenes and slightly modified the beginning scene-let, just to bring up the level of emotion that much more.

We also covered some essential business: ideas for the pick-ups, preparations for screenings and meetings, and some initial plans for the transition from winter break to picture lock on January 10th.

Run time? 15min57sec!

I will be on Thanksgiving break next week, but this weekend we'll be having a test screening, and over Thanksgiving break, we'll lock our sound crew and prep for pick-ups. So stay tuned!

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