Tuesday, November 17, 2009

5th Cut Almost Done!

So over the weekend, Beth, my editor, incorporated all of our outlined notes into a rough cut. I met with her yesterday... and after 4 hours of work, we have a new cut.

Are we that good? Really?

So the overall idea for the new cut was to develop a new structure of interspersing the Angela's flashbacks to her traumatic war experiences throughout to put Angela's moral dilemma in context with her survivor's guilt, bringing us closer in line with her mental and emotional experience.

The majority of our work was smoothing out the transitions between the flashbacks and the present-day scenes, putting in temp ADR lines of dialogue that make these new juxtapositions really resonate, putting in some new material, and then revising some dirtier edit points in the balcony and final scenes. And then Beth found some fantastic ways to trim down some overlong scenes without taking out any story or much dialogue really.

We were kind of amazed that after all our work, we watched the whole film through, and we were pretty damn pleased with it. So we decided to step away, get some fresh perspective on this intermediate cut, review it on our own, and meet again on Thursday with new notes to revise and put finishing touched on the 5th cut.

Oh yeah, and the run time now is 15min56sec!

Maybe we just are that good.

I'm also keeping VERY busy preparing for pick-ups and meeting with sound designers. But stay tuned as we finish the 5th Cut on Thursday and have a cut screening this weekend!

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