Thursday, October 15, 2009

Third Cut Finished!

After two more nights of cutting with my editor Beth, this past Tuesday and Wednesday, we're done! And the new running time is 19 minutes 15 seconds!

Tuesday, we spent most of our time working on the dinner scene.

Somehow, we only needed to tweak the pre-dinner scene with Angela's flashbacks for a half an hour. We applied some earlier ideas for shortening the long, uncomfortable pauses with new uses of footage. The scene clicked and we moved on.

The dinner scene... we spent hours on this scene. All night.

The scene started to free itself up from some of its flaws once we cut out a few lines. With the removal of polite transitions in dialogue, we could try to just see the two of them flirting, just see Scott open up out of his own connection to Angela... then we were able to shape the scene into a full-bodied, emotional connection between two souls.

But the lesson learned here was giving into a bad cut to make a good scene. Not even a bad cut really... a less than stellar cut. We kept circling back to the same problematic cuts, where we wanted to linger a little longer on a moment or realization, only to discover a complete shift in the footage just one frame later... so while a few cuts feel less than perfect, the scene is great.

Wednesday, driving through rainy rush hour traffic to Beth's editorial suite, we found that we had very little to do. She had already shaped the final two scenes much to our liking and we were left with re-shaping the Balcony scene.

The balcony scene felt like it was missing a beat. We re-shaped it, spent more time on Angela between Scott's lines, and re-shaped his dialogue... then we felt more connected to Angela and the full arc of Scott's surprise, anger, fear, and begging for his life and Kaylie.

Then after a few music tweaks we were done!

Now, I have a whirlwind week of meeting mentors, producers, composers, and sound designers with story notes and job interviews!

Stay tuned till next week for more cutting and crewing up!

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