Saturday, September 5, 2009


Two weeks into the semester, with our schedules solidifying, the editor Beth, the post producer Liz, and I met to take on responsibilities for the Post-Production phase of the film.

Here's what we carved out of the Picture Editing pie:
  • Maintaining & Updating the Credits List -- Liz
  • Compile Production Book Materials -- Nate & Liz
  • Find Sound Designers -- Beth & Nate
  • Find Composers -- Nate with help/input from Beth
  • Find Audiences -- Liz, Beth, and Nate
  • Reserving rooms/theaters for screenings -- Beth & Nate
  • Plan, prepare, and execute Pick-ups -- Liz, Beth, & Nate
I put together a Post-Production schedule months and months ago that's thoroughly figured out. We have exact dates for all the cuts and setting milestones for progressing in all of the responsibilities listed above.

So I've got a lot of work cut out for me! This week, I will be making sure the film crew is free for pick-ups for the weekend of Dec 4th, I will be looking up sound designers and composers, I will be booking rooms and theaters for the screenings, and helping to compile all the production book materials.

Speaking of which, might as well make the shout-out:
If you are interested in sound designing or composing for this film, please contact me at
Yes, I should've been doing this all this past week. Yes, I should've been working on my horror script.

Ever since the shoot took place though, I've been moving in and out of this kind of Post-Partum Depression. There's a violent emotional intensity that takes place in the creation of your story on film during the production phase and the lull that takes place after a film shoot, just because of the sheer drop off in mental activity, results in a chemical depression.

So if you're a filmmaker, be prepared. You will experience depression after your film shoot. It's part of the life you've chosen.

But now with all this fun work to do, spending time with my wife, family, and friends over Labor Day weekend, I'm getting that pep back in my step and I'll be back off to the races this week.

Stay tuned for much progress in post and screenwriting!

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