Monday, September 14, 2009

Finding Focus

Learned something today -- the cool, Hollywood way of saying, "I get what you mean" is:
I smell your cheerios.
All the cool cats in L.A. are saying it. You should too.

Today was another good solid editing session. Beth and I worked through the Bar Scene, where Angela meets Scott, and the following scene, where Angela spies in on Scott's life at home, gun in hand. Two very challenging scenes in terms of nuance, performance, pacing, style, continuity, etc.

And we rocked them out. Director's Cut style.

We unlocked the bar scene when we realized that although the movie is Angela's story, and she's pushing the action forward in every scene, the bar scene is Scott's scene. We introduce Scott to the audience.

Once we shifted the scene's focus to Scott, we let his good takes set the scene's pacing. Then the whole scene started to sing and everything else fell into a wonderful, delicate balance of charm and fear found in subtle performances.

Beth admitted to me she was concerned about the scene where Angela spies in on Scott at home. There's so much going on! Back and forth dramatic irony -- she's going to kill him! -- the shock of Scott's daughter appearing, the natural shift of Angela's determination to kill to a tender curiosity for a warm, loving home, and the chaotic explosion of Scott seeing Angela outside.

Once we developed a cutting style for each of those three segments, and forced oursleves to linger a little less longer on their beautiful faces, the Scott's Ho scene just came to life.

Or you could say the scene developed... another life.

You smell my cheerios.

More editing this Thursday! I'll be reviewing the footage in preparation for the Ext. Law Office dialogue scene.

What makes a woman intent on murdering a man agree to go out for drinks with him? I'll tell you once we've cut it.

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