Saturday, August 22, 2009

Editing Begins!

This past Wednesday, I sat down with the editor, Beth, and watched all of the dailies. The day began with this overwhelming specter of apprehension and fear:

What if this perfect shot was actually poorly composed? What if a great performance actually winds up looking terrible? What if all the sound is completely unusable?

But as we went through the dailies scene by scene, we actually found the exact opposite: the cinematography was stellar, if not perfect. The performances were amazing. The sound was workable and clean. And there's just the right amount of material.

So we have a movie. All we have to do is cut it.

Editor's Cut is due SEPTEMBER 8TH. And now I have... nothing to do but wait. Which is odd for me.

So now I'm going to give myself too much to do (as usual). I just finished the final draft on my action feature script, "Furious Angels." Here's the logline:
A lone wolf hitwoman accidentally saves a teen runaway's life and now a powerful crime boss wants them both dead.
Now I'm moving on to rewrite and polish my horror feature script, "Red Snow," by Christmas. The logline for that one is:
A demure college student comes home to see her teen sister get kidnapped -- and she's next on the list.
AND I also have two classes -- Film History after WWII and World of Television. Told you I give myself too much to do.

Tune in next time as I look up composers, sound designers, and post coordinators, oh my!

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