Thursday, August 27, 2009


Just heard from the editor the other day that she's hard at work, everything's going smoothly, and the best thing a director can hear from an editor:
"Your footage is easy to cut."
While the editor is hard at work, my activities outside of "Another Life" are getting quite busy:

Classes started up this week. To great relief, I squeaked into the World of Television Class, taught by Ian Sander, creator-producer of Ghost Whisperer. He will not only be guiding us through the process of pitching and developing a TV show, but bringing in such guests as David Shore, creator-producer of House. Exciting!

Also, taking a Film History class -- Global Cinema after WWII. Should be good to get back to my critical studies roots. And see some good art cinema... mmm, film snobbery...

Also, just finished re-reading my horror script, Red Snow. It's amazing how much I've already conceived for rewrites since I put the script down last year. It's like I already know how to rewrite the whole thing. Just came up with a great idea for the monster too!

Oh? What's that? You want to know about my search for composers, sound designers, and post producers? About that... yeah...

I should get on that.

My wife's sisters are coming to visit. So time to be a good host. Check in with you soon!

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