Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Day #16: Filmed in...

Our pitch at Panavision went quite well!

For those who don't know, we pitched our film to Ric Halpern at Panavision, Inc. who's in charge of the New Filmmaker Program there. To paraphrase, if they like you're film, they see artistic merit in the story and visual design, and they see that your crew and production plans are professional and well put together, they offer a top of the line camera package for free.

The producers -- Liz, Mitsuyo, and Min -- all got there early along with our cinemtagorapher, Jay. He just came back from shooting a doc feature in New Mexico on a Native American reservation, which sounded fascinating.

It was great to see all of us dressed up (looking so sexy) with a great pitch packet and some well-rehearsed little speeches.

We prepared for Ric to sit back and hear all of us talk, but instead, he asked each of us pointed questions, which threw us off guard at first, but I'm confident that in our words and in our packet that our experience, professionalism, and talent shined through and showed more than enough artistic merit to impress Panavision.

Fingers crossed!

After that, Liz and I met with Cheryl, our casting director, and we reviewed the audition tapes. After 2,000 submissions and around 50 auditioning actors, we narrowed it down to :
  • 6 Angelas
  • 4 Dougs
  • 3 Scotts
I was very impressed with Liz and Cheryl (and her assistant, Chance -- brilliant young talent) and their insightful input on all the actors. After viewing all the top choices, and talking with them, it was amazing how simple it was to choose those 13 actors and actresses.

Now I need to put together the Callbacks schedule, e-mail that to Cheryl, and get back on top of the production book and shot lists!

Tomorrow, I swear to the Higher Powers of Cinema, I will have my production book DONE. Stay tuned and take a look!

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