Monday, June 15, 2009

Script Lock!

At last! After seventeen (17!) full drafts of the script, not counting the many, many iterations of the balcony scene I've been writing since college, I have finally locked the script.

It's kind of eerie how quickly I switched into director mode -- I just started reading Larry Moss' "Intent to Live" and doing my homework on the characters' given circumstances and superobjectives, as if some stranger had written the script.

Just recently, I've figured out how easy it is to plan out my days as a film director. For a rehearsal, I'll does all the same homework on the characters that the actors do. For a cinematography meeting, I'll comes up with storyboards, lens plots, clips from films to show preferred camera work, etc. Basically, for whatever meeting I go into -- cinematography, production design, costume, make-up, etc. -- I'll do the exact same preparation that every single one of my fellow filmmakers are doing and compare notes.

I said it was easy to find out what to do. Not that I will be getting sleep... because putting together the production book with the crew will be so much fun!

Many other happy things to announce -- for one we have an AMAZING casting director, Cheryl, who has already been getting our film out there to some great talent and recognizable faces. I'm amazed that we're moving so quickly -- we might have our first casting session in the next two weeks or less! Even just over the past few days, it's been such a delight to work with her.

Also, very happy to have Amy on board to complete our production sound team. It is a recorded fact that Amy is simply one of the best :)

Now the great trial before us is getting all these locations in the script... nine total... sketchy neighborhood sidewalk, nice neighborhood sidewalk, int. seedy garage, int. run-down apartment, int. cheesy bar, ext. balcony with a view, ext. Iraqi storefront (yikes!), and int/ext cute suburban home. We have a lock on a great suburban home (for free!) so long as we shoot there August 3rd and 4th at the latest... and don't get me started on the schedule right now.

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