Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Day #9: That Could Be Iraq

Two down, five more to go! My producer Mitsuyo and I continued the hunt for locations, and with her mighty filmmaking powers, she found us Ext. Sketchy Sidewalk DAY and Ext. Drab Law Office DAY.

Here are pictures of the Sketchy Sidewalk:

And pictures of the Drab Law Office:

We still need to find the seedy garage, iraqi house, apartment, bar, and balcony. But we have so many leads!

Tomorrow morning at 8 AM (ugh!) I will be seeing two bombed out buildings (I think one blew up in a meth lab fire!) in South Pasadena that could pass for Iraqi war-torn homes.

Also, Mitsuyo and I made our rounds these past two days for the other locations and we're expecting to hear back from the owners of the perfect balcony, the perfect apartment, and the perfect bar tomorrow. In fact, Mitsuyo is checking out the bar and a potential seedy garage later tonight.

I'm watching Battlestar Galactica: Razor now, pulling snapshots for the production binder. My cinematographer Jay gave me until Tuesday to present the shot lists and production binder to him. I also need to do some grunt work on updating the Panavision/Kodak/Clairmont submission materials.

As I was driving Mitsuyo home at the end of the day, she leaned across the dashboard and pointed out the sketchiest parking lot in L.A. and said, "That could be Iraq." With the enthusiasm of a 12-year-old boy at the Transformers premiere, I pulled the car over and gleefully wrote down the address and contact info for a barb-wired vacant lot.

Filmmaking does weird things to my brain.

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