Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Day #8: 36 Views of Mt. Los Angeles

The great Japanese artist Hokusai created over 100 color prints of differing views of Mt. Fuji. They continue to be popular today as a serene, powerful meditation on the great site's cultural significance.

Today, I encountered many differing views of L.A., all the while meditating on the "cultural significance" of my journey. How are we gonna make THIS GUY let us shoot here? And for cheap?

The Location Scout went relatively well today. No fantastic miracles just yet. But we have a lot of definite maybes. Allow me to go into more detail:
  1. Int./Ext. Scott's House- Day AND Night - locked already. My Dad's House. He rocks.
  2. Int. Seedy Garage NIGHT - we could use my Dad's garage out in Calabasas, my producer Mitsuyo's garage in the Silverlake area, or use a sound stage at USC. Not 100% satisfied with all of those possibilities and will continue looking. Mitsuyo insists we find the sketchy sidewalk nearby.
  3. Ext. Sketchy Sidewalk DAY - found a few perfect ones in Silverlake. We just need to call Film LA and get the permit!
  4. Ext. Law Office DAY - not a lot of luck yet. We tried some places downtown, but they all look very expensive (one place required police and fire officers even though it's a dialogue scene! Then again, 24 shot there last week).
  5. Int. Angela's Apt NIGHT - Mitsuyo has a few friends who have yet to get back to her. Found a complex with the right look and jotted down their number. We'll keep looking.
  6. Ext. Iraqi Home DAY - No luck so far. Waiting on a call from a referral on a previous USC film that took place in Iraq.
  7. Ext. Balcony NIGHT - Two beautiful up-close views of downtown! We'll be seeing one apartment manager who will be trying to let us shoot there for free and one house owner who seemed very film friendly. Fingers crossed!
  8. Int. Bar DAY/NIGHT - Mitsuyo is at McMurphy's in Pasadena right now, chatting up the bar's manager :)
Also got 15 -- FIFTEEN -- emails from producer Liz today going over many simultaneous filmmaking tasks, which now means I have to finish the following items before or by Wednesday, July 1st, seven days from now:
  • locations, locked
  • "Under 5" character breakdowns
  • audition preparations (actors intentions, etc.)
  • production book
  • shot lists
  • submission materials for Panavision New Filmamker Program
  • submission materials for Kodak Studnet Filmmaker Grant
That's because we have to lock locations Saturday, have a production meeting Sunday, have our first auditions Monday and Tuesday, and pitch for Panavision and Kodak on Wednesday.

And THAT is why I'm drinking a Full Throttle right now.

Tomorrow, more location hunting news!

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