Monday, June 22, 2009

Day #7: Location, Location, Location

And the madness begins.

I was watching a movie, researching for the right look for Another Life, when I checked my To Do List for the week on our google calendar. That's when I discovered we have less than 30 days until we must have several "greenlight" meetings.

No later than July 20th, we have to meet with all of the moguls of the USC film school see that we have met all the deadlines for readiness, safety, schedule, budget, crew, cast etc. and are fully prepared to make the thesis film in two weeks.

We still need 7 out of 8 locations, a locked schedule, an accurate budget, a full cast, a full crew, all the equipment, and the post-production flow locked into place.

And none of that work can begin until we lock locations.

So I'm staying up late tonight working on the cinematography production book (I'll put all the pics up on a flickr page on Wednesday). I will be scouting locations all day tomorrow.

For the rest of the week, I will make sure to location scout with producer(s) by day and draw up shot lists by night. Alas, poor slumber, I knew him well.

This marks Week #1 of my year long-pledge to blog daily on the making of Another Life. Just 51 more weeks to go!

Tomorrow I'll tell you about our first location scout!

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