Sunday, June 21, 2009

Day #6: No Rest for the Wicked

... or film directors. Got up at 5 AM to put together the following sets of pictures for the production design meeting this morning:

The meeting went pretty darn well. It was very good to see Jill after such a long time. Glad to see we are still on the same page with the look of the film. We went into great detail as to how to get that look just right with set design elements and props -- but so much is relying on the already installed "look" that we will find in our locations. For example, there's not much we're going to add to the bar for set design except for giving it some warm lighting and hide the signage.

There were also pockets of a production meeting with the producers in the midst of the meeting. Top priority: locations. We have 30 days now till our Greenlight meeting with USC faculty. Everything will need to be in place: cast, crew, budget, schedule, locations, all key transactions -- everything. We've got a lot of work ahead of us and we are developing a cohesive plan to get it done in time.

But today is Father's Day. So I have to go do that have fun with my dad thing.

Tomorrow, I'll be putting together pictures for the cinematography production book -- color, quality of light, composition, camera movement, and lenses for all 23 scenes.

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