Saturday, June 20, 2009

Day #5: The Glory of Google Images

Nothing glamorous today. Laundry. Dishes. Getting an oil change. Buying gifts for father's day. Going on a date with my wife. Directors have to at least try to live an oridnary life.

But not a day goes by in pre-production where a director isn't working. Tomorrow, I have a meeting with the production designer, Jill. This will be our first meeting since May when we shared our initial ideas of how Another Life would look. That was about 5 or so drafts of the script ago. So I will be preparing for that meeting the same way I prepared for the costume designer interviews.

Here are the pictures that I brought with me to the costume design interviews. These are just my initial impressions of the characters costumes and leitmotifs for color, fabric, texture, and cuts of the costumes. These pictures aren't to be seen as the final product, but great conversation-starters for how best to use costume to enhance the story:

And in the same way, I'll be preparing for the production design meeting tomorrow by spending all day finding pictures that best represent my initial set design and prop ideas in each scene of Another Life.

Casting's going quite well. Auditions set for May 29th and 30th. Producers are hunting down locations and getting accurate price quotes for the budget. And after tomorrow, I'll be building the production book for Wednesday's meeting. Chugging right along...

Tomorrow, see how I balance a full schedule of making a cohesive production design plan as well as having a good Father's Day!

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