Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Day #15: Moment to Moment

Another amazing day of auditions! After only two long (looooong) 8-hour sessions, I'm confident we can cast all the lead roles!

We saw some fantastic Scotts and amazing Dougs with many strong and varying interpretations. And damn, there are so many good Angelas -- we have no choice but to turn away some professional and talented actresses who look the part. We're going to have to choose between the top 5%!

Had a proud director moment today -- I discovered a great intention while listening to an actress who was rushing through the scene:
Angela has never been in a warm, loving home like Scott's. Savor every moment you have in this safe space until you have to pull the trigger.
I loved it so much, I used it all day!

But there's so much more ahead of us:
  • finishing shot lists and production book
  • cinematography meeting
  • sound meeting
  • location tech scout
  • making equipment deals
  • preparing and scheduling for greenlight meetings in 2 weeks
  • making film processing and telecine deals
While I could stay up all night working on those, I'm heading straight to bed and getting up early for the big pitch to Panavision tomorrow. Fingers crossed! Afterwards, we'll be meeting with Cheryl our casting director, going over the tapes, and scheduling callbacks.

If all goes well, Panavision will donate us a top-of-the-line camera package for free. Stay tuned tomorrow and see what happens!

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