Monday, June 29, 2009

Day #14: Entertaining Angelas

I have never seen so many talented actors and actresses in such a short period of time. So, yes, the auditions went quite well!

We saw some amazing Angelas and Dougs today. A handful of great Scotts. But there's more work to be had tomorrow.

I also noticed that I'm a bit rusty with directing. Need to get some oil in the gears. When I find a fellow filmmaker with a passion for characters, I tend to blab on and on...

But a director's whole life is about condensing! So with several talented actors playing Scott, I gave the following intention:
When Angela pulls a gun on you, as a father, your first thought is not of your own life, but to save Kaylie's life. She will have no mother to turn to, you're dead, and she'll wind up in a terrible foster home. So do everything you can to break down Angela's emotional barriers to get through to her and make her put down the gun to save Kaylie's life.
And a lot of actors did their best but left the audition confused by the overload of information. My fault. But when I used this:
swallow your pride and beg for your life
The actor's performance just came to life. Liz, one of my producers, literally performed a victory dance after the actor left the room.

More auditions tomorrow! Rumors of more locations found. More staying up and working on shot lists and production books!

Well I guess that it makes it two weeks straight of daily blogging! Just 50 more short weeks to go!

Stay tuned tomorrow -- I think we'll find our top candidates for Angela, Scott, and Doug tomorrow! Then it's off to pitching Panavision, callbacks, and more!

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