Sunday, June 28, 2009

Day# 13: Quiet Before the Storm

In just a few short hours, fifty actors and actresses will descend upon a small room in the USC film school to try out for the lead roles in Another Life.

I have spent most of today reading the script over and over and coming up with a few short adjustments to give the actors/actresses after their cold reading. The Dougs will be reading their only scene (threatening Angela to kill or be killed) and the Scotts and Angelas will be reading the date scene followed by the shooting on the balcony. Here are some adjustment ideas:
  • Doug: You just killed someone not ten feet away from her. She's a scared, shivering little bird in her your hand. Toy with her. Watch her squirm.
  • Scott: swallow your pride and beg for your life. Beg for Kaylie's life.
  • Angela: Tom loved you. He gave his life for you. If you don't pull the trigger, if you let Scott live, then Tom died for nothing. Get through this, survive, then you can start over and do something with your life that would make Tom proud.
A director has to get used to the fact that your whole day's hard work gets condensed into tiny little snippets. And they have to count.

I also did some human things today too. Spent a few hours with my brother and father. Cooked a nice dinner with my wife. Washed some dishes. Watched Magnificent Seven again. These ordinary activities are necessary to my sanity.

I will be staying up all night working on the production book some more. I know it's late, but I'll have it done by Wednesday, when I'm meeting with Jay.

Stay tuned tomorrow to hear how 50 thespians fared in 9 hours!

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