Saturday, June 27, 2009

Day #12: Shaman in Central Park

...and even less luck today.

As a back-up, we can use my producer Mitsuyo's back room as Int. Angela's Apartment NIGHT. But then we'd have paint walls, change furniture, add fake walls... lots of time, effort, and money.

But today's production insanity was all my fault. A while back, I told my Dad that we could go see a Dodgers game two weeks from now... and completely forgot to put it up on the calendar. Now I have created a conflict for our biweekly production meeting.


So after a flurry of calls, emails, texts, and g-chats for several hours, my super-awesome producer Liz was able to reschedule a production meeting for Tuesday morning before the second round of auditions.

But with the game tomorrow and auditions early Monday morning, I have to get a lot of work done tonight:
  • actors' intentions for auditions
  • production book
  • shot lists
Because we'll be doing auditions all day Monday, rehearsing our pitch for Panavision Tuesday morning, more auditions Tusday afternoon and evening, doing the pitch Wednesday morning, and having a full-crew production meeting Wednesday afternoon. Busy much?

Someone smart once said that being a film director is like being a wise old hermit in the middle of a bustling city. You need to be available to every member of the cast and crew to answer their questions at all times, so they can keep the production moving along, but you also need to shut yourself off from the world, go deep into your Fortress of Solitude, battle your inner demons, and come back with a perfect, beautiful, and cohesive vision for the film.

So tonight I will be calling upon my muse to guide me to the perfect tone and shots for Another Life. But I have to keep my phone on :)

Stay tuned tomorrow to read some intentions for actors in auditions!

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